Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Homemade BBQ Chicken gets my vote every time!

Fast food or home cooking?
After enduring a less than stellar dining experience involving a 2-piece chicken dinner at KFC recently, I elected to make my own BBQ Chicken on the outdoor grill. Something I should have been doing all along and here’s why!

Cost benefits of a homemade meal

As I mentioned in my earlier post concerning KFC, a 2-piece extra crispy chicken meal cost me over seven dollars. For that amount of money you get 2 pieces of chicken along with two sides and a biscuit. (Oh, yes and a diet Pepsi or soda). Now compare that to this meal I made myself pictured above at right. Yeah, and it cost only about a buck and a half!
So OK, there’s no biscuit! I substituted green beans in the homemade version! So sue me! I can do without those extra bread calories anyway.

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