Sunday, July 31, 2016

Critique: A tale of two beef dogs!

In this post, I will be comparing two 'beef' hot dog wieners; one made by Oscar Meyer labeled as 'Premium beef' and another called 'Jumbo' by Fairgrounds, a product that is distributed expressly for the Save A Lot chain of grocery stores.

Before getting to any remarks about taste, I wanted to inspect the ingredient labels closely on both. Right from the get go, I saw that both had very similar lists of ingredients....

Fairgrounds Ingredients: Beef, water, dextrose, modified food starch, corn syrup, contain 2% or less of salt, sodium lactate, flavorings, sodium phosphates, sodium diacetate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrate. Additionally, each link weighed in at 50 grams and give up about 150 calories when consumed.

Oscar Meyer Ingredients: Beef, water, corn syrup, contains less than 2% salt, potassium lactate, dextrose, sodium phosphates, sodium diacetate, flavor, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), extracts of paprika, sodium nitrate. One link weighed in at 42 grams and had about 130 calories.

From a cost analysis standpoint;

Fairground $3.99 for 8 dogs 400 grams/pkg at about .26 cents per ounce cost
Oscar Meyer $4.99 for 10 dogs 420 grams/pkg at about .32 cents per ounce cost
Fairgrounds on the left

Based on the above, I wondered why anyone would buy the Oscar Meyer brand when the other guy gives you a bit more meat at a significantly cheaper cost? Let's move now to the all important appearance and taste tests....

Fairgrounds on left

OK, if you were wondering where that extra dollar went, then just get a gander at both dogs in a side by side comparison. To my way of thinking, the OM dog looked to be a bit darker and when you cut it to see the 'grain', it looked to be more meaty if that is even a term.

Rather surprisingly, both tasted about the same to me...

So, from an appearance perspective, I like the Oscar Meyer dogs and would buy them if serving something like wieners on a toothpick. But, for everyday, the Fairgrounds product would do nicely.

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