Monday, July 4, 2016

Swimming in the smoke!

This lyrical line from Linkin Park's song 'Burning in the Skies' somewhat sums up my feelings as we come round the bend in what was currently the middle of 2016.

Americans have been ever so expertly finessed by Obama and friends. We are now irrevocably divided into two rival camps of thought and beliefs. The last time our Nation suffered in this manner, we were about to enter into a great Civil War. A time of death where millions of brave young men perished trying to prove their side was more 'right'. They burned their bridges freely and even to this day, emotions run deep.

Now, in 2016, we will soon embark to elect a new leader, and our choices are a bit slim. Neither candidate is trusted and one was currently embroiled in an FBI investigation. The stink coming out of Washington has never been stronger. It seems no one has the courage to clean out the rotting garbage that litters congress in the forms of men and women. All across the country lies a pall of mutual distrust and bad feelings. It's gotten so bad, that no matter who gets elected, there will likely be riots in the streets. If it's Trump, the rioters will likely be the anarchists unleashed by people like Soros. If Hillary wins, it may well be the average hard working American who will have reached a tipping point and who fear the complete destruction of a Republic..... either way, we all lose.

The fourth of July has been and continues to be a celebration of the courageous and iron-willed men and women who were labeled criminals by the authorities of their time. But, whose perseverance paid Americans the incredible gift of freedom. And, in 2016, we still owe them and all the millions who have died since, in the service and maintenance of that most precious gift.

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