Friday, August 12, 2016

A menu cost increase at Charlie's?

Charlie's is a very clean up scale eatery!
Forsyth MO. - As a aging senior with an expanding waistline, I profess to enjoy eating out as often as possible. I also try and make an effort to visit some of the local restaurants in the small town of Forsyth as I feel the hardworking men and women who work there deserve my patronage and support!
Steak and eggs. Was $7.99, now $10!

One of my favorite eateries is Charlie's Steak, Ribs and Ale located at 139 State Highway Y, not only because of the great job the kitchen does in preparing constantly excellent meals, but also for the very excellent treatment I have always received from the very professional serving staff. On this day, my server was the beautiful Lisa Davis who was a blur of efficient motion and a pleasure to watch! As a result, Charlie's has been frequented by me on numerous occasions over many years.

But, I had to admit that it was with some shock to discover that some menu items had been increased by double digits on a recent trip to the Forsyth location! And, while I'm sure that the ownership had very good cause to raise their prices, I was forced to wonder why their popular steak and eggs menu offering deserved a 20% increase? I questioned this because I'd recently written a short post on how beef prices were headed downwards in 2016 (see Beef prices moderating in 2016 post)!

In spite of that move and the decision not to offer free refills of coffee, I do plan to continue eating there even if it will be on a more infrequent basis. Charlie's IS one of the cleanest and most up scale venues in the area, in my view!

CORRECTION: I was wrong about the coffee refills - they are FREE according to one of the employees, Shannon Henery, who also soundly corrected me on Face Book!

UPDATE: Beginning on Sunday, November the 13th, this restaurant will become smoke free.

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