Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Proof of just how affluent some people are!

Forsyth MO - Located on the grounds of the Taneycomo Terrace Condominium are a fair number of dumpsters that are meant to service the needs of the one hundred and some condominiums that are located there. The picture above was taken of the dumpster that services my building which contains approximately 12 active units, all of which use this dumpster to get rid of their trash. As you can see, this rather sizable 6 yard dumpster is full and even beyond full. (It's like that pretty much every week when the Republic Services comes each Wednesday to haul it all away). Sometimes there's even large appliances leaning up against the dumpster and that really makes me feel that eleven of the resident's must produce God awful amounts of trash! (I say eleven, because as the twelfth unit owner, I typically have only two or three small bags totaling about 30 pounds that I carry out and dump each week).

After doing some fast and loose math, I figured the above dumpster holds about 6 cubic yards, I have estimated the capacity of this dumpster at somewhere around 7200 pounds of trash. (This could be more or less depending on the type of trash that in it). Now, since it is filled every seven days, one could then surmise that those other eleven unit owners are producing something like 600 pounds of trash per person every week, and they do it like clockwork. (Amazingly, I did the math and figured that between them, they must be dumping a total of over 171 tons of junk a year versus my rather meager 3/4 ton)! Can you say unreal?

So, the message here is very clear. I really need to jack up my lifestyle A LOT if I am to 'keep up with the Jones'. My only problem will be to figure out how to exactly do that!

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