Saturday, August 6, 2016

An afternoon at the Mug!

John's Frosted Mug is a restaurant slash bar located on the main drag in the small southwestern town of Forsyth Missouri. It's been around for almost forever as has the owner John Sumner. I like to frequent the joint for the main reason that it is only a mile or so from my place. And while the exterior might look a little worn with time, the inside features nice tables and bar stools.

On a otherwise dreary day in August, I ambled into the establishment's air conditioned coolness with a sense of relief, as my AC unit was on semi permanent hiatus. The bartender, on that day, was the ever beautiful Judy Brown; a professional if there ever was one! Honestly, I've never seen a customer have to wait very long to be served when Judy was behind the bar. (She has that kind of sixth sense or spacial awareness that separates a so-so type of employee from the Awesome kind of person who seems to know what you want even before you did)!

Also in attendance was Tim Evans, the chef, and just a smattering of 'regulars' such as Morrison, Wally, and my good friend Donnie Oakley who was the proud owner of an awesome Harley that looked to be in mint condition!

While I there, I had a chance to sample a slice of the Mug's signature pizza. And, while the picture at right is a bit fuzzy, it tasted just awesome. The Mug has a full menu, and over the years, I've sample many of their offerings, all of which have been first class in taste while staying at an affordable cost!


  1. Such a nice neighborhood pub. Good people and good food. Nice pics Dan.

  2. My second home love that place... best barmaids ever.. it's that place where every one knows your name.

  3. Love the mug!! I have so many memories there from the past 14 years. Their pizza is amazing. Steaks are really good. And although I haven't been there in a while, the staff is amazing!!!

  4. Everyone knows where to find Morris from noon to two, he has some great friends there, and when a regular goes to the hospital or a regular is having a hard time finanacial everyone is concerned and they pitch in to help each other