Friday, December 9, 2016

Critique: Smart Ones Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetables!

At only 250 calories I thought to give this $2 (on sale) item from Weight Watchers a try. Not sure it was a good decision.

After following the direction carefully, I sat down, fork in hand to a good meal. That was the plan. Unfortunately, the rice was a bit underdone and even hard to chew in some cares! I felt that slippage going on as the meal kept going downhill. While the broccoli looked great, it too was on the raw side. I even tried nuking the meal some more to no avail. On a good note, the chicken tasted pretty good. But, after chewing through that tough rice, who really cared?

I gave this meal a 3 on a scale of ten. Best go look at some other offerings...

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