Friday, December 16, 2016

The weekend of Dec 17th! Taney County MO!

Taney County MO - I'm glad, at times like these, that I'm not a true meteorologist. The weekend of December 17th for Taney County MO will be a time of some uncertainty, at least early on...

OK, so we will slide into Saturday, Dec 17 on the warm side of things. It could be 50 degrees! Over our heads though, a surface area of low pressure will be sliding on east in the morning hours. Behind it will the the start of the much advertised arctic front that will come and be past before we know it, exiting to the south by the early afternoon hours. A true speed demon!

On either side of that front, however will be a 'potential' for some forced drizzle and therein lies the rub. Location being everything. Most places will mainly see some light drizzle while other spots might get a dose of the frozen variety for a short period of time. Then, we just might get us a short break when nothing appears to be happening...

What will happen next, though, is the subject of much debate. Some weather experts feel that there might be a 'banded' region of snow that could be quite intense, but of short duration if you happen to live underneath it. Best guess for Taney County would be that any of this sort of nonsense will occur just to the north, say north of the I-44 corridor. (However, motorists would be well advised to pay attention to rapidly developing events in the afternoon hours as the frigid cold dome establishes itself in the area).

Then, a brisk and persistent northwest wind will kick in for the balance of the day on Saturday. By Saturday night, wind chills are expected to be in the -5 to -15 range, and so, the weather service has issued a wind chill advisory for late Saturday!

Sunday will likely not make it out of the teens with nighttime temps in the single digits! The bottom line here is to watch out for your pets, and do what you might need to do to keep your water pipes from freezing and bursting! Otherwise, please enjoy your weekend! Weather forecast for December work week #3!

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