Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Overhead Door Company of Springfield! A great company!

Just about everyone living at the Taneycomo Terrace condominium complex has a garage. They are great in that they provide good protection for vehicles. However, sometimes they can become a problem and that is exactly what I encountered recently when the main tension unit (the long bar with the spring) that had two wire spools on either end failed on one side! (I’m sure my garage door was likely installed in 1991 when my building went up and so was pretty old). My problem now was to find a garage door service facility who could repair it, without taking me to the cleaners! So, I surfed the Internet and came up with a highly rated company in Springfield called 'Overhead Door Company of Springfield'! I called them at 417-862-9339 and was told a repairman would come down on Tuesday, Dec the 13th.

Prompt and early, on that date, a truck (see pic blow) arrived and a very nice gentleman name Keith greeted me and then went right to work. I was soon informed that the reason the steel cable had come off the spool was due to the main spring not supplying enough tension. He fixed that and then inspected and repair a few other areas of the mechanism that needed some work. The end result was a professionally repaired door that again worked perfectly, and at a very fair price. Keith will be my only choice in the future for any garage related work that needs to be done!

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