Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Charlie's now offers crayons and paper to special customers!

It was the sort of day that offered nothing to excite or inspire me. You know, the kind of overcast and chilly fall day you often find in early December. So, it was that I entered into a local restaurant/pub in a rather somber mood. 

When entered and then sat myself down at the well appointed bar, the manager came up to me and must have noticed my sour expression. 'Hey poopie lips', she intoned while pinching one of my cheeks, 'how about I bring you something special to raise your spirits?'

I looked up into her face. My puppy-like eyes wide open. 'Why gollee, Ms. Ngo, I exclaimed excitedly. 'That would be really swell!' Smiling, she turned and disappeared into the back area. I then sat there quietly with a dull expression on my face. Something I did a lot. The minutes passed...

Suddenly, the lady reappeared with a large sheet of paper and a bunch of crayons in a glass cup! My eyes lite up. She plopped both items onto the bar in front of me and implored me to 'draw something.' Cause I as a 'special' guy!

Well, the minutes flew by as I got down to work and focused my entire mind to the task at hand. Yes sir, I was going to make me a self portrait that maybe they could hang on a wall or something. Boy, was I ever excited. So much so, that an occasional 'yipping' sound would escape my lips. So, there I sat, drawing like a man possessed while 'yipping' with increasing frequency. (Heck fire, I was so engrossed that I failed to notice the other bar patrons quietly moving to more distant stools).

At long last, (like after about four minutes), I finished up. As I sat there looking at my creation, a final 'yip yip yip' escaped my lips. Boy, was I ever a proud guy! Then, after carefully replacing the crayons into the cup, I made my way over to that manager who was busy taking care of other customers.

While in line, waiting for her to finish ringing up a few nervous looking customers, I was jumping from foot to foot in boyish anticipation. I guess I might have also been breathing a little too loudly, as those same customers kept looking at me over their shoulders. Looking back, they had a sort of deer caught in the headlights expression. (Something I'd heard about, but never actually seen before).

Finally! She was done! I stepped proudly up to the counter and thrust my drawing into her face. 'Here lady' I remarked a little loudly. 'You can have this. Maybe you'll want to hang it on somewhere.' She glanced at that paper and said, 'Sure, I'll get right on that.'

Smiling broadly, I paid my bar tab and even left her a quarter tip. Yep. Charlie's is a great place for special people like myself!

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