Tuesday, December 19, 2017

On the weather and taxes!

The coming cold snap!

Christmas in Forsyth MO. – When a forecast Canadian blast of frigid air blasts through southwest Missouri on Sunday December the 24th, we will all be likely shivering in our boots! The weather for Christmas Day looks to stay at or just below freezing for the highs with snow flurries much in evidence. A far cry from the relatively balmy temperatures we've all grown accustomed to... Everyone, please bundle up!

Taxes taxes taxes!

No matter what political side we all line up with, the tax reform package being pushed by the Republicans will have numerous short term benefits. Yes, one of those is a direct benefit to large corporation due to decreasing their tax burden from 35 to 21 percent! The hope is that the lower tax level ( a level more in line with the rest of the world) will entice those who left America to come back home and to bring trillions of dollars with them. Should that happen, there will be more jobs at higher pay as the economy gets a real kick in the butt!

The other big benefit, abet one that is somewhat selective, will be the easements given the Middle Class. (True, some wealthy individuals living in Red States like New York and California will take it in the ass, but that is how the cookie crumbles what with the Republicans in power). The real deal for most working class stiffs will be more money in their paychecks. (Many families will get to keep about two thousand dollars per year and that ain't chicken feed brother)! The economic idea behind this is a sound one, as people with more money tend to spend more money! I would expect to see a three plus percent rate of economic growth as we move forward. Boom times ahead! Also, the Individual Mandate that requires you to either have health insurance, or pay a fine, is also gone. That was one very stupid law to begin with.

On the down side will be the fact that these individual tax breaks will expire in ten years. The Democrats have made a big deal sounding off about how Corporate breaks will be permanent while individual breaks are not. This is somewhat twisted form thinking as they are talking about apples and oranges. Really they amount to scare tactics. Just remember that should things go south over the next couple of years, there will be nothing to stop the Democrats from reversing everything once they re assume power from a disgruntled population.

While I'm neither a Republican or Democrat, I can see how this bill will sadly further the ever growing divide that exists between two halves of America. The really sad thing is that both sides refuse to see the true elephant in the room. We have a spending problem, not a tax problem and until we get our arms around that central issue, any and all fixes by either side will be temporary...

---------------TRUE STORY--------------------------

Mr. Squat: 'Oh! Yes. Hi – my name is Doily Squat and I noticed I've reached my credit limit... again. And I was wondering if you all could just go ahead and raise that old limit up.. again?'

Visa: 'Well, yes. I have your records right here, Mr. Squat. It shows that we've raised your spending limit over fifteen times. I also noted that not only do you only make minimum payments, but that you've never made any money. Is that correct?'

Mr. Squat: 'Why yes. But you see, I have a lot of dependents and my family keeps growing by leaps and bounds – heck, I even adopted a load of illegal aliens last month and they also have needs....'

Visa: 'Seriously, Mr. Squat. It shows that you are in very serious debt, have been spending money like there's no tomorrow and now you're telling me your family's grown even larger? I'm sorry sir, but the answer is no. We would happy to send you a free booklet, however. It's entitled, You and Fiscal Responsibility'.

Mr. Squat: 'Noooooooooo'

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