Saturday, March 24, 2018

Killing me softly!

The really neat thing about posting stuff like this is that it's like some form of fractal reality - [A curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole]. Even as this number from way back has no meaning to most now. The reflections of those times, still echo, in this aged yet nimble mind.. Circa: 1971, and a very young man sang his song, softly to a young girl.

The Creator is so not up there in some cheapo Heaven. He is right down here with His children. Grown men, grown women, kids and infants all. We all live and die in apparent pall. Yet not one single biotic, big or small, has passed through the furnace of God's maw, unseen....

So, where is God on this day? I've known that for some time. The Egyptians and Moses both also knew and wrote about His house and exactly where it was. For those who still have no idea, I plan to state it in a future post....

Dregs from the Id: A bar in MP, used to be a bowling alley sort of place. this song was popular in 1970. I can see it all to this day. Every detail, ever smell and feeling, There was a server, dark hair, who was my focus. What she was all about was desperation as she was having problems with her boyfriend. As this song played out. Her looking my way and me as savior, and me, a complete dumb fuck... priceless! I remember the sights, the sounds, the smells and the feelings of youth. It's a talent of mine. The rush of events trans-folding, being young (22) and feeling keyed and ready for whatever came next. Very cool!

A message from God: 'Hey dude. Saw your post. You seem unhappy. You got problems?'

Me: 'Yes, dammit God, I do! I'm old and I hurt and feeling pretty damn depressed.'

God: 'Really? I gave you one of the very best of lives. Some drama, some excitement, and a few neat women along the way. So, what was not to like?

Me: OK! Yes! My life, more or less, was pretty damn cool. But now, I hurt and I look pretty bad and...'

God: 'My son. Your time on this earth will be very brief. And, you've done .. sort of OK. Now, forget all that pain of this existence and prepare yourself for yet a new birthing.... Remember my biotic offspring. Those who currently seem strong and invincible, do so, in the merest flash of time.That said, a new dawn, which will be soon laid out for all the Sons and Daughters of My dreams ... Will be endless and exciting!' No! Wait up! Let check  the ledger.... Ah! Sorry dude. You're fucked!

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