Wednesday, February 20, 2019

DanO's Place to open soon!

No, that's no ghost inside - it's our jukebox!
Can you believe this place - Sure it looks a bit rough on the outside, but just wait until you step inside. And please don't mind the corpse pictured at left. That customer died of natural causes, we are told!

DanO's Place will be featuring state of the art cuisine, (just as soon as we can find a working stove. For now, all our breakfast offerings are prepared on a Coleman propane camp stove right out back). Fred, our current chef, was recently hired right off the street, and while his cooking skills are still improving, the man seems very eager to please! And then there's Jan, our server, who while being a bit of a closet case, does have two working hands! We are expecting great things out of her.... very soon.

Our hours are currently from 7AM to 11AM Monday thru Friday. We are only serving breakfast, at this time, (as the local building inspector is generally out and about after 11AM). But, we hope to be expanding hours where we will offer the same stuff, just rearranged a bit.

And, will you just look at that menu at right! We've put a lot of time into its composition and in getting it printed up. Wow! We are proud to offer our diners THREE wonderful selections! Well, two actually, as item #3 does require a strong stomach!

Stop by and see us, soon!

NOTICE! In what could be a record - DanO's Place opened at 7:02 AM on a Monday only to be closed at 8:14 AM on the same day, when the building suffered a partial collapse. The single customer was last seen screaming and running down a side street, and apparently did not pay their bill. Also injured during the event was a server who lost one hand. DanO has promised that he will re-open at some point.

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