Friday, February 22, 2019

River Run Park in 2019!

Forsyth MO – Feb 22, 2019 - I thought to go for a walk about in River Run Park. It had been a few years since I was able to go there due to sewer construction and a new bridge. I also wanted to visit the Park before is became submerged once again under the waves of Bull Shoals.

River Run had been a very nice park situated to the east of the town of Forsyth Missouri. It contained 31 RV spots with most complete with a covered table and a charcoal grill. Electrical outlets were also available and turned on during the regular camping season. It also sported a jungle gym, a boat launch flush toilets and showers, a waste disposal station and was situated next to Bull Shoals Lake. (There used to be an office there, but it had been removed years ago. And, as I mentioned earlier it's been mostly closed).

A good dry spell would help a lot!

But this year, the Park was open, sort of! At least it would be until flood waters forced it to close, which looks likely in or about March of this year. The phone number for the Park was listed as (417) 546-6637, However I was unsure as to whether it was still working or not.

The good news on this date, was the promise of an extended dry spell commencing around Sunday, Feb 24 that should last until late into the following week.

Please see for more updates!

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