Sunday, December 23, 2012

News not fit to print!

Yeah, that looks about right!
The FDA now pushing for acceptance of genetically altered fish!

The FDA wants everyone to know that genetically altered fish are okidokie to eat! This proclamation, from on high, coming in spite of other research to the contrary. My feeling on this is hey, if someone from the FDA wants to eat these things, then more power to them! Just please leave me out. Original Source: USA Today

Mealworms may be the food of the future!

Oh, this is just wrong!
If the cost of producing beef continues to rise out of sight, government food researchers are now banking on the eventual acceptance of ground meal worms either as an additive or eaten by themselves in products like hamburger. One rumor has it that large food chains, like McDonald’s, are already working in that direction. One person I talked to that eats them on a regular basis informed me that they do have a special nutty taste that takes getting used to! Original Source: ABC News

When asked, the public says sure let's go over the cliff!

Maybe they public has grown tired of all the talk going on in Washington over the last year that has resulted in nothing getting done about the Nation's deficit. So maybe it was no surprise that, when average citizens were asked what they felt the solution to our fiscal problems were, a solid majority voted in favor of doing nothing and thus allowing the sequesterization acts kick in. Perhaps many Americans now feel that since Washington can’t get it done, then perhaps a little bit of pain ain’t all that bad after all.Count me in!

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