Saturday, December 22, 2012

Random thoughts on a slow day!

And then the flood gates opened…..
California 2020?

After voting, last month, to make Californians among the highest-taxed residents in the country, a debate has now been sparked as to whether or not a mass exodus will ensue.

Democrat and self-described icon Governor Jerry Brown successfully pushed the tax increase by suggesting that high-earners must shoulder the largest burden in bailing out the state, particularly its debt-ridden public school system. And boy, oh boy were they ever stuck hard…so hard that many of the top earners have now fled to other states like Nevada, Arizona and Texas where they have since poured billions into those economies.

Now, with massive Federal tax hikes slated to take effect in January, the feeling by many is that what had been a strong stream will soon become a flood. One scenario sees California rapidly sinking under financial waves of debt, as all too soon, the only residents left living there will be largely comprised of illegal’s and those on entitlement programs. Good luck to that Jerry!

The media and why people are tuning them out!

With the possible exception of stations like Fox News, you can forget about getting anything that even vaguely looks like objective and balanced reporting. Now if you’re looking for fiction, then definitely tune in to CBS or ABC. Or, if your tastes run more to the extreme left, then by all means give the people at MSNBC a shot. Just don’t expect to have anyone working there come even remotely close to telling the truth…about anything!

But wait! There’s more! In an effort to pile on even more of a visual and auditory insult, you’ll also want to pay attention to those incredible ads that at shown every five minutes. Personally, I like to group these atrocities into groups, including those that either insult your intelligence or want you to believe their doctors. That’s when they’re not trying to feed you junk to make your pecker hard. Plulleease. Thank God there’s a rental market where you can still snag a good movie or two.

A solution for taking care of the crooks and crazies!

It’s no secret that the US has a prison overcapacity problem. It’s also no secret that the country is rapidly filling up with wackos (ahem, sorry - mentally unstable) who are becoming increasingly violent. Taking care of them is time consuming and expensive with the average person costing upwards of 60k to house and feed in a given year. While there are just over 2 million criminals in prison, the number of mentally ill is thought to be much higher. Taking care of that many people is simply beyond the ability of the states and will soon even tax the deep pockets of the Feds.

So what to do? My solution would be to move all these felonious folks in troop ships and airplanes over to countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria where they can be set lose to run amok and do their thing! Those who do manage to survive for the duration of their sentences can then petition our government for a chance to return. Alternatively, they can elect to just stay and show the Muslim population some new tricks of their various trades.

An action like this would free up vast amounts of space here in the US and would not doubt present somewhat of a deterrent for anyone who would consider committing a felony. This win-win situation would also make for classic TV as new series with names like ‘Islamic Survival’ pop up everywhere which show our felons making funny blunders as they attempt to ‘engage’ their new found friends with their own unique version of the Brotherhood. I don’t know about you, but I’d watch!

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