Monday, December 2, 2013

Obamacare! A personal tale of woe!

It's now December the 2nd and while the 'front end' of the site is now working fairly well, the 'rear end' is becoming hopelessly backed up and in desperate need of a laxative! I should know as I've been trying to get; logged on, verified and enrolled for over two months now!

Acting as a good citizen, I've managed (after many hours and weeks of time) to get an application submitted (I eventually had to do a paper one that was sent in via the USPS) only to find that once it was received, even the Help Center could not get me logged into my account even when they reset my password themselves. I finally started a new account with a new user name and password to get in and to navigate to the section where I could verify who I was. Interestingly, this portion of the problem-plagued site worked for me the very first time! (I've heard stories on the media that even as of this posting that area is often not working). Feeling lucky. I then went to the section where I selected a healthcare provider plan and answered all the other questions that were asked. Everything was checked and double checked! I was ready to progressively move FORWARD!

Finally, (it was now late November and with my heart pounding), I hit the button to 'review and
This last step in the 'rear end' never completes!
enroll'. That took me to a screen that advised me... to wait...and wait...and wait. Actually, over the past week of trying, neither myself nor the Help Desk personnel could ever get me past that last point. Talk about frustration! By this time, I was also getting physically sick due to the insanity of the idiots running the site.

Just today, I heard on the TV that in point of fact, hardly anyone has actually been able to get enrolled in many states – (this was per representatives of the insurance companies who should know)!

The bottom line...millions of Americans may (will) find themselves without any healthcare come January the 1st. A sad statement concerning a President and Democratic Party run Senate that continues to run what was once a great Republic straight into the ground! Thanks President Obama. Thanks for nothing...

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