Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Paleo Diet startup!

Mixed salad with lean turkey!
An so it began. A diet that would consist of the same sort of food eaten by out ancestors some 600,000 years ago. Well, maybe not exactly, as the meat I eat is store bought and not hunted, nor were some of the vegetables and fruits we eat today even evolved at that time. However, all things being equal it is a far cry from my past diet.

In the Paleo plan there is not salt, no bread, no pastries, no sweets (other than the occasional honey), no packaged meats, no canned goods and no dairy – actually the only other items allowed were walnuts, soy milk (fake milk) and some free range eggs! Of these, I think the bread is the hardest to forgo as I was ingrained from my youth to eat sandwiches, hamburger and the like. As Jack Lalanne was famously quoted as saying -”if man makes it, don't eat it” may be true. Perhaps that's why this famous bodybuilder lived to be 90 while enjoying near perfect health!

The one good thing about the Paleo Diet is the lack of any need for you to count calories! You can eat until you're stuffed without penalty while the pounds begin to drop off. You can eat three meals or six, it's your call. Why that works is described in the book – The Paleo Diet Revised! How will I come out after some weeks? Stay tuned!

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