Saturday, November 22, 2014

TV Dinner remix!

Total cost = $1.20!
Forgive my slowness in all things human when it comes to thinking outside the box. These days, it takes me a lot of time to force my mental neurons to jump those damnably wide synapses. (Perhaps a product of increasing age. I'm still just takes me longer to demonstrate it)! Yet, today, something clicked as I was preparing my evening 'meal'.

For years, I've contented myself with one of two mealtime approaches, where TV dinners were concerned. I either bought a cheap one and suffered substandard taste or saved my money and opted for the likes of Healthy Choice, a much more elevated dining experience where good taste is somehow married to even better nutrition! A rare thing that!
This dish and afterbirth - Twins!

But, then it hit me! (Funny how necessity really may be the Mother of Invention)! One afternoon, while basking at home under the light of Emperor Obama's awesome New Republic, I decided to go to the store where I bought myself a Banquet Pepper Steak meal for just ninety-seven cents! A true cheap meal deal where added salt subs really well for taste. Anyway, a buck was all I had to splurge on dinner that day.

After viewing this meal prior to microwaving, I elected to try and get it arranged on a plate as opposed to eating the slop right out of the tray. It then came to me that I also had some extra corn and a small baked potato in the fridge.... hmm, why not add them to the party, I thought. The end result was much more appeasing to the eye as I think you will agree. And, at under 500 calories, not a diet breaker!

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