Saturday, January 10, 2015

Charlie Hebdo cartoon!

OK, let me see, this cartoon by Charlie Hebdo is something about lashes... well, I'm sorry I don't do French very well.... and I really don't do Islamic nut jobs at all! Am I afraid? Why yes! I'm afraid that millions upon millions of these people will soon be exterminated and that no one, not me or their God, will give a flying shit!

On this date, the French Prime Minister announced that they are at war with Islam - where the fuck is our President standing on this issue??

Please forgive my bad language. But seriously, as an aging individual who faces the 'terrors' of advancing age and who is preparing (abet ever so slowly) to meet his maker - Well, I find these Islamic extremists a tiny bit pathetic... Let me put it another way - any bag of water, (which is what we all are), who thinks that a Creator - any Creator would put them on a ball of granite somewhere in the Universe so that they might rape, subject others and kill in that God's Name are at the very bottom of any species IQ list. Duh!

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