Saturday, January 10, 2015

North facing hills can become dangerous!

 Forsyth, MO. - Travelers moving between Hollister and Forsyth MO often use Highway 76 to make the connection. A section of that road, however, has witnessed some pretty bad accidents especially for autos headed north towards Forsyth Missouri! This north facing section is known by locals as Manly Hill and during the winter time, it can easily cause problems. The reason is the fact that this section of road never gets direct, but rather slanted, sunlight during the winter months of December through February. As a result, the surface can get quite cold, especially if there has been a prolonged period where the air temperature hung in the teens or even single digits! While sections on either side can remain wet, this section of road (and others like it) can easily build up a thin layer of ice during those times when special winter weather conditions prevail. (Conditions that will likely exist on Sunday, January the 11th, 2015). So, it will be interesting to see if there are problems on that date. Note that such problems can exist for any section of road that stays shaded much of the time!

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