Friday, January 30, 2015

Subway serves breakfast??

You can call me old, even call me slow, but please never call me late for any meal!

I agree that I am a bit behind the times as a matter of age and the general laziness that comes with retirement. However, I so did not know that Subway is now serving breakfast! (At least in some locales). I haven't had the chance to check out the Subway in my area yet, but I will! In Forsyth MO, where I currently reside, there is a franchise just up the road from me. I've been there in years past, but really not very recently (the laziness thing). That, however, will change when I plan to go there early some morning and partake in what I hope is a good breakfast. (Actually, I plan to call ahead first to make sure they even have a breakfast).

Pictured above is the Steak, egg white and cheese offering that comes in at about 430 calories. I've no idea of what the cost might be, but I plan to post a followup with pictures just as soon as I can drag my overweight ass over there!

Update: I tried calling the Subway n Forsyth MO and it rang for a long time with no one answering. I'll give them another try in a couple of days.

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