Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A world war is coming? Are we ready?

The day of this post, evil forces were at work. An innocent man was burned to death by those who call themselves ISIS. (I do so so believe that Jesus caught this Jordanian airman and took him to heaven before he suffered greatly). That fate, that intervention, shall not be granted the followers of a perverted and sick religion aka ISIS. أنت تعرف من أنت! I would call on all the true Muslim faithful, those who follow the true Islamic path, to join this world in the fight to cleanse ourselves of a horrible evil and corruption of a faith you hold so dear! In another post, I hope to write about my true feelings concerning the cowardice of certain elected individuals. Individuals who, thru inaction or misplaced ideology,  have brought incredible amounts of shame on a House wherein very brave men reside.... just the poor thoughts of a man whose head is full of sand.

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