Thursday, February 12, 2015

Charlie's Steak Ribs & Ale! A true eating experience!

After I read an article in the Washington Post about how the government is about to reverse itself on it's 40 year stand against eating cholesterol-laden food, I decided to revisit a local eatery which serves up a great Steak and Eggs platter!

Charlie's Steak, Ribs and Ale is located on Hwy 160 in Forsyth Missouri near the junction of Y Hwy and while I love both steak and eggs, I'd been avoiding that selection for fear of what it might do to my already high blood cholesterol readings. But, then after reading that and related articles, I've came to the decision that a moderate intake of so-called bad cholesterol was not as bad as consuming too many saturated fatty acids! So, I'd decided to still watch what I ate, but not to restrict myself completely from the foods I love!

On what was a cold morning in mid February, I arrived early and chose a booth near the back of the establishment. (Actually, I was told to sit near the back... something about my appearance evidently scares young kids). I ordered the steak and egg platter and firmly told the server that no, I did not want it as a take out...

I ordered my steak rare, my eggs runny and everything hot – 'just like I like my women', I joked to the wide-eyed server who I think was named Leesa. She grabbed the menu from my hands and hurried off at a pretty good clip. I then busied myself by arranging my cell phone, charger and camera into a neat pile on the table. It crossed my mind that I hadn't received a call on that phone – ever. Perhaps I needed to have it checked out....

Before very long, my food arrived and I dug in forthwith. (The server lingered near my table and eyed me with what appeared to be a look of slight revulsion. Perhaps it was my rather quirky style of eating that she was taking note of). This conduct, however, made me not a little nervous and so it was really not my fault when a good hunk of egg fell of my fork and landed squarely in my crotch! As I attempted to scrap it off my pants, I thought I heard a twittering sound coming out of the server's mouth, who then quickly turned and left the area... I resumed eating in much the same methodical way that a cow chews his cud.

Well, I can tell you my readers, that the food tasted pretty darn good! In short order, I had consumed every morsel on my plate and (just as they do in the Middle East to signify a contented stomach), I belched as loud as I could. Sadly, I doubt that anyone heard as strangely, the entire area where I was seated was devoid of customers. (Over in the distance, I could see other tables with patrons crammed together like sardines). Strange.

Yes, Charlie's is a great place to eat and meet. And while, I've never seemed to connect with anyone there yet, I'm sure that will change in the near term. After all, they even now post a sign outside to notify everyone when I'm there!

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