Monday, February 22, 2016

Media outlets and their very disturbing commercials!

I suspect that there are many individuals out there who give their mute buttons a really run for their money, especially when watching channels like Fox News! And while I consider their news content to be excellent, the commercials they run sometimes scare the living hell out of me. Ergo the mute button to the rescue,  and too damn often...

Over a period of time, I've broken the commercials which I consider objectionable into three broad categories; overly repetitive ones that weren't all that interesting the first time, but which are aired as much as twenty times a day for like forever, faked claims of improved health, and then there are those f'ing pharmaceutical commercials....


Of the first kind of really objectionable commercial, the repetitive ones I'd give first place to Rosland Capitol and that idiot announcer of theirs William DeVaine. They've run their gold and silver pieces so often, it's become reflex for me to mute them. And here's a news flash! Few people I know have a lot of extra cash. Most live check to check, and anyway, you can't eat gold! Nonetheless, if this was the only precious metal investment company left in the world, I WOULD NEVER BUY SHIT FROM THEM! [Give credit for this aversion to their program people who have got to have complete mush for brains....].


In this category fails a virtual plethora of junk ads, all of which claim to make you feel better! In this area are many over the counter drugs that never address the root cause of your problem. Sure, I guess you can take two Alieve for like forever, but you must know that the pain will never improve! Another ad I see a lot is My Pillow. God please deliver me from idiots like these. Sure, the pillows are good, but so what? There are tons of good pillows out there to choose from. Please, everyone, just get a grip!


Let me make this short and sweet. Pharmaceutical firms are below the level of used car salesmen and politicians! A lot below! It seems their view of the world involves cramming as much crap down your throat as is humanly possible; deleterious side effects be damned! (Check out this page for a list of nine legal drugs that could actually harm you). These most evil people do all they can to remove your doctor from the equation, hoping you go to them asking for one of their Cadillac drugs sold at insane prices. Seriously? Don't you think your doctor is better informed as to what drugs to recommend? Often they can get you the same drug in a generic form at a fraction of the cost!

The bottom line for me has been to migrate my viewing habits to other channels. Actually any channel that maintains good sensible advertising is just okey dokey with me.

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