Monday, February 22, 2016

Welcome to Mooneyville!


 Dan Owen - A 2009 post of mine in WordPress

In a recent news conference, Anthony Colaprete, the principal investigator for NASA’s Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, said ‘Indeed yes, we found water.” This is wonderful news for the United States as we will now have someplace to put those pesky terrorists like Khalid Sheikh after we close Guantanamo Bay prison. Mr. Sheikh is currently on his way to New York to stand trail for the 911 attack on the World Trade center. After the trail ends, no one seems to have a clue where to put him or the other 245 detainees that currently call it home. I think the discovery of water on our little satellite changes all of that.

My suggestion is that we build a small city on the moon and then send all our countries most hardened prison population there. The shuttles will be ‘one-way vehicles’ and after crashing on impact, any survivors can make their way to the moon city enclosure. A place I would like to be named Moonyville. This facility would have just the bare minimum for survival. At Moonyville, each inmate that staggers into the airlock will have the opportunity to practice the skills that got them into prison in the first place. There would be no laws, cells or formal policy in the main facility. Just each person killing, hacking, lying or cajoling to get their fair share of sustenance (you know, sort of like Washington DC is today). Once a year, a supply shuttle would arrive to help maintain the colony. There would be no parole or return to earth for any of the inmates with but one exception. Those wanting to volunteer to do maintenance or research in a special wing (yes, some very bright minds are even now behind bars) would have at least the possibility of a pardon one day.

So, I feel this approach would have great benefits for us here at home. The building of new prisons here in the United States would slow for one thing. (They currently cost Americans $37 Billion a year)! We would have an army of ready and willing volunteers to create, maintain and expand a lunar base for future exploration and industrial development. And, most importantly, these low life’s would not be down here where we live. Gee, I wonder if the rate of violent crimes would go down if going to Moonyville was a real possibility?

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