Sunday, February 7, 2016

Random thoughts for early February 2016!

Mid winter blues helped by food!

Getting up to do much of anything on any given Sunday takes even more effort in the middle of winter. My main impetus this day was the thought of making a good bowl of red!

Yes, Sunday was going to be chili day! I got that most excellent thought in my head after looking outside on a forlorn landscape in early February. I wasn't inclined to go out, but opted instead to spend the morning hours in the kitchen trying to improve on my latest chili recipe. I got to thinking about making a batch after hearing that someone was bringing his special chili recipe to a local bar as part of the festivities that was to revolved around Super bowl Sunday. I was told that this guy named Gary used something like eight different beans and three meats to concoct a really enjoyable chili!

Harrumph, I thought to myself. OK, sure, my chili recipe is the very essence of simplicity. But, so what? As a simple man, I like simple things and that extends to the foods I eat and enjoy! The only thing I do to 'dress up' my chili, on rare occasions, would be to add some fresh pasta, shredded cheese and chopped onion for a Cincinnati 4-way styled meal! Seriously, it's hard to feel very depressed when you have a good meal to sit down to! I plan to have some while watching the Super Bowel.

Superbowl Sunday! Baloney!
Honey! Can we go back to the hotel now?

This year, two teams I could care less about, (the Panthers and the Broncos) were going head to head in a cost I could care less about. For one thing, the game was lopsided! The Panthers were heads and shoulders above the Broncos in abilities. My only reason to really watch would be to see if the Broncos could pull out a miracle! My other reason was also the commercials which tend to be exceptional. That said, you can keep the rest of it. I personally object to anyone who would pony up four or five thousand dollars just to watch one football game. That smacks of decadence and decay to me.

Another thing I don't like this year was the location. Phoenix Arizona... seriously? It was forecast to be in the seventies there! For chrissakes, football should be played in northern location where the temperatures rarely get above freezing. The game is made all the more fun when Mother Nature turns the field of play into chaos with snow, ice or even fog as was the case for the Chicago Bears in 1988! I'd love to see a dense fog develop this time in Phoenix! Hey! You idiots paid 5K for that! Not going to happen, but one can hope.

One more reason I would not have chosen the Phoenix location has to do with the state of terror in the world today. That city is close to the southern border, a known entry point for Islamic nut jobs. God forbid something would happen.

The Rest of the Congressional Mess!

The current Presidential race not withstanding, what will we ever do about the mess on Capitol Hill? No matter who gets elected, (and I pray it's a Republican) come January 2017, some poor slob or slobette will inherit the wreckage and remains of the Obama eight year tenure in office. Unless, the new President elect is standing there, taking the oath with Jesus at his or her side, we are basically fucked!

The standing joke that has been and is the Senate and the House will still be there, stuck in the political mud as usual. No way, no how, will any single person be able to bridge the gulf that exists there. If nothing else, Old HarryReid will make sure of it!

So, it's my though that 2017 will quickly turn into a debacle as one infrastructural system after another fails. Before you know it, a full scale revolution will be in place. Remember, you heard it here first!

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