Monday, February 29, 2016

Check out this great Chicago Dog, while you still can.

I was sitting next to a friend, recently, and he was lamenting a failed effort to start up a Chicago Hot Dog stand in the Branson area some years ago. Eating a Chicago dog should be on everyone's bucket list, yes, they are that good! It seems that the regulations needed to get a startup was pretty overwhelming. OK, I understand that food regulations need to be followed. But, this guy was shit canned from the get go. We seem to be drowning in a regulatory nightmare that now has gotten to the point that fewer and fewer entrepreneurs even want to try.. (More of the drip down cancer that has is now the government we used to honor).

At any rate, you can sort of, kind of, get a feel for the Chicago Dog by visiting most any Sonic's. The prices are still doable and the taste is great. [However, the trend for all businesses to be only allowed to exist  only if they are government controlled continues at an accelerated pace]. I'm also sorry to be so down this date.. but, hey everyone, I still have eyes and can see...

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