Monday, November 6, 2017

Pop-sickle stick fantasy's!

There are things that we all see as we go from day to day that bother us. It might have been something on the TV, something we heard about or observed and then wondered about. My bothersome thing fell into that third category!

One of my flaws, (and I have many), concerns my near addiction to ice cream bars! Even in the trenches of an out and out diet fight to the death, you can find a box of Blue Ribbon Classic ice cream bars tucked safely away in the freezer compartment of my home! I generally eat one to two a day and love the about to death. However, those little wooden pop-sickle sticks that are left behind have driven me cuckoo over the years. I'm the kind of guy that reuses stuff like plastic grocery bags as trash container liners as I have a firm belief in all things conservative. And those sticks really do look like they could be useful, if only I could figure out how...

So, that's how I ended up making these cute little billboards. My analyst thinks that there are some deeper issues going here and I'd tend to agree... Go here for the song It's a Turn Down Day - a piece originally penned by David Blume the day after the JFK assassination!

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