Monday, November 27, 2017

This Amish hot sauce has whiskey in it!

While I was visiting a friend, recently, the conversation wandered off into a discussion of spices and hot sauces. And, though I had considered myself to be something of an herbal aficionado, I didn't hold a candle to her stash of hundreds of jars and canisters of just about every herb and sauce that has ever been produced!

One item that caught my eye was a small bottle of hot sauce. I picked it up and noted that it was an Amish Country Store product by the name of Woodpecker Hot Sauce. Most interestingly, I saw on the ingredients list that it contained some Jack Daniels whisky! I just had to give that shit a try and so begged her to loan out the bottle for a while, so I could try it out.

Now, please understand that I'm no glutton for burned lips and gums! However, I do go for the special (not as hot) flavors that come from adding these sauces from hell to a good chili while it's cooking. Apparently the heat reduces the hotness, if you get my drift!

So saying, I made up a batch of my favorite chili, making sure to add about a teaspoon to the pot early on in the cooking process. When it was ready, I grabbed a sample and dug in. To my surprise, there was quite a kick left in that bitch of a sauce! The effect, however, was quick and then faded. My thought at the time was 'not too shabby'.

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