Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thanksgiving is all about people!

A big heartfelt thank you goes out to my good neighbor, Carol, who went to the effort to bring this aging old gnome a 'Thanksgiving platter' that contained some of the best tasting food I'd had in quite some time! All I needed to do, after enjoying that repast, was to try and figure out the amount of exercising that would be needed to stay on my diet - ( a failing effort, but one that my heart was into).

As I ate this meal, I had cause to reflect that so many souls who make Earth Earth their home, had precious little to eat. Not just on a holiday like Thanksgiving, but on any given day. It made me happy to live in such a country of plenty, while also very sad that so many suffer elsewhere..... One of my dreams has always been that perhaps someday we may yet learn to live together, in peace.

God has bequeathed us all a beautiful world in which to live, to work and to love. God Bless America and God Bless the American people! And at the risk of being called a pareidoliac, I swore I could see
Pelosi's bloomers in those clouds....

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