Friday, October 22, 2010

Random Thoughts for October 22, 2010

Bill Clinton, you sure got that right!

In a recent speech President Clinton implored the Democratic crowd to vote in 2010 like they did in 2008! I’m assuming that he assumes the liberal left and unions like SEIU are happy with how things are going at home. Yes guys and girls just show up and vote Democratic if you’re happy! Me? No, can’t say I’m that happy.

The good ship NPR sinking? Or, is it just sunk?

After the media (meaning Fox and only Fox) got a hold of the of the news of Juan Williams firing from his ten year employment with the National Progressive Radio all hell has broken loose. Calls for the de-funding of NPR are now beginning to be heard allover the United States. For my part I would prefer to see the station relegated to the AM band. A band that is completely devoid of stations in my neck of the woods with the exception of one lone station that spends most of its air time describing ways to unclog a sink.

What! The pot bill now in trouble?

Just after I spent a boatload of money, sold my house and prepared to move to California I get the news that Proposition 19 may be in trouble. Hey youse guys, I was planning on helping the Unions organize the pot growers so that they also could be promised humongous pensions after only a few years of work. (As a union organizer, my pension plan would be assured while the rank and file could only hope it be so). But no. In what must be a temporary bout of common sense, the citizens of the Golden State are trending away from passing this bill. My gawd, what’s wrong with you folks? Even my buddy George Soros is for the legalization of drugs and as if I didn’t have to remind everyone, he knows what’s best for the world.

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