Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Conserving heat during the coming winter months!

No doubt about it. With rising electric costs, now is a good time to look at way to save on your winter heating bills. Here are a few tips:

1)      Inspect you furnace system. Make sure it is clean and functioning properly. By just replacing the filters in a timely manner, you can save $60 a year.
2)      Check your heat registers and make sure they are clean. Close off any rooms that will not be occupied very often and consider a small space heater for the times you need to use them.
3)      If you have a fireplace, check and seal any cracks. Also make sure the damper is closed when it’s not in use.
4)      Move furniture slightly away from exterior walls. The added space will make the room seem warmer.
5)      Check your insulation, especially the floors if you do not have a basement. Apply as needed.
6)      Close off the attic, garage, basement, spare bedrooms and storage areas. Heat only those rooms that you use.
7)      Check to see if you qualify for any government assistance with your heating bills if you have a low income or are a senior citizen on a fixed income.
8)      Check for gaps around exterior doors and seal if needed.
9)      Make sure windows are tightly sealed and consider making inserts out of Styrofoam to seal some against the cold.
10)  Purchase energy efficient space heater(s). Lower the furnace setting and heat only the rooms you need to. This will be the subject of a blog later this week.

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