Sunday, October 17, 2010

Terrorists on the move! Who really cares?

Yawn. Sorry, but after a decade of listening to the dire warnings of officials who themselves have no clue, I’ve pretty much given up on getting very alarmed. I mean when you consider that the elite of the terrorist movement are living in caves, it’s hard to get very concerned.

While these nimrods of negativism plot and plan the overthrow of the world for Allah, the rest of us need to concern ourselves with getting on day to day with our lives. There are plenty of adult concerns to go around and we will need the very smartest of our species to get through challenging times.The urchins who insist that the killing of innocent women and children are all part of God's plan need to better prepare for their own deaths. I seriously doubt that there will be many virgins where they are going. If it was not for the horror these sons of the jihad inflict, they would actually be funny in a sad sort of way.

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