Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Everybody out of the sandbox, please!

The United States and its leadership, as of late, looks more and more to me rather like a large sandbox. The kind that I visited once as a mere toddler. I think I was something like six and my parents though dumping my 30 pound tender body into a sandbox at a neighboring park would be just the thing to help me on my way to infant hood or some such. You see this sandbox was crowded with other infants just like myself. Small, cute little ankle-biters crawling around with poop filled diapers while trying our best to establish a corner all for ourselves. (Of course we had no concept about how to do that). So, it was pretty much chaos for a few minutes until I started crying and was rescued.

Now fast forward to adulthood and expand your vision to take in the recent events on Capitol Hill. Can you see the similarities? Problem is, now there is no one around to rescue us.

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