Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Washington’s new mantra: Too little and too late!

The big question on this blogger’s mind is one of change. That is, can anyone in Washington engineer the sort of change that is now desperately needed to save this country? Yes? No?

While the current congress has busied itself trying to fix a small budgetary leak, rivers of hard earned currency continue to gush down a bottomless pit. Even as the majority of American’s have now indicated a willingness to make draconian cuts, congress continues on its merry way, like a old man who can’t quite comprehend what all the shouting is about.

President Obama, meanwhile, has been shuffled to the sidelines. A mere spectator like the rest of us. All of us, non-players now, as we observe a monstrous machine that seems out of human control.

My question to the world at large is simply this. Can someone out there please find the off switch? We need to turn the thing off for a while so we can figure out how to begin dismantling it. At this point everyone knows that this is not the way to run a government or a people. Free people, at least.

Come 2012, I urge all clear thinking American citizens to kick as must of this mess as we can out of office. I further urge that the states convene and vote out Amendment 17 and to allow the states legislation to elect or fire its representatives to the Federal Government. A change like this has been needed for a long time and while it will not cure the problems we face, it will at least make the people who work for us more accountable.

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