Thursday, January 3, 2013

A few area food prices at the beginning of 2013!

As we are all still basking in the radiant afterglow of a most magical President; a man who was re-elected by a landslide and who most recently crafted the passage of a fiscal reform bill, I thought it a good time to get out and check in on some food prices - you know for future reference!

My small town of Forsyth Missouri is blessed with two full featured grocery stores along with a couple of convenience stores (both gas and non-gas island locations). Thrown into the mix are a couple of what I would prefer to call ‘cut rate’ emporium types of businesses that are just a little bit hit an miss when it comes to a full selection.

But, for this post, I decided to stick with the regular grocery stores where I would be pricing generic brand foods whenever possible. (I choose the generics mainly because that class of food is about all I can afford these days)!

Following are the foods I looked at along with what they cost:

Now, while this list is by no means complete, I feel that it is representative of some of the items many of us folks buy fairly often. I hope to publish another similar list this coming summer and then another one in the fall. It should be fun comparing them.

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