Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Chili dogs – my personal favorite!

Chili dogs are one of life’s true culinary pleasures…only - just what kind of chef are you?

Beginner Level: If you're lucky enough to have a batch of chili hanging around and you have some wieners and buns available, then, you're one lucky dude or dudette! In my book, nothing compares to the delight of eating a good old chili hotdog! And, gosh darn it, they’re so easy to make! Personal technique involves heating a wiener in boiling water, adding it to a warm bun and then slathering on an ample amount of my own homemade chili! Wham bam - thank you ma’am - a few seconds later I got yourself some real comfort food that was prepared in no time at all! But, then it was time to kick things up a notch and to see just what kind of chef material you are made of...

Experienced Chef: Not satisfied with just a chili dog! Then consider sprinkling on some diced onion over which is sprinkled a little shredded cheese! Truly, a mouth watering experience!

 Da Pro Chef: But, if you are a consummate pro, felt the urge to splash on some extra's like chopped onion and shredded cheese. Wow!

King of your castle Chef: A truly out of his mind chef will have run to a fast food emporium like McDonald's for an order of their signature French fries! Now you're ready to kick back, watch a  game on TV and live life large!!

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