Saturday, January 12, 2013

When signing can turn deadly!

This man, 22 year old Robert Jarell Neal is my candidate for a lifetime membership in Densa. A fine organization whose logo reads 'Stupidity is a Destination', would welcome someone of Robert's stature (or lack of it).

For it would appear (remember he's innocent until proven otherwise) that this individual managed to stab a deaf person, Terrance Daniels, after observing Mr. Daniels 'talking' to another man on the street. Robert, it would appear, mistook the hand movements as gang signs. Huh!

Now really Robert, just how dumb are you anyway. I find the thought of you stabbing an other person in broad daylight and with witnesses present somewhat distressing, but to attempt murder over a lousy gang sign?? You've got to be jacking me!

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