Monday, July 28, 2014

Critique: Smart Ones Chicken Oriental

In my limited view of all things dietary, if a TV dinner has the word 'oriental' somewhere in the description, it's basically a varied version of chicken chow mien! This product from the folks at Weight Watchers was on sale at $2.50 at a local grocery store, and so I scooped one up. You have to give the marketing people some credit as the picture on the front of the package looked awesome! In addition, the 255 gram meal contain only 255 calories and as we all know, if you can score a decent entree that comes in at one calorie per gram, you're on to something good!

This offering had rice, soy sauce, bits of chicken, celery carrots and all the other stuff you might associate with a chicken chow mien styled meal.

Ah so! And, as I was on a life-long diet, I figured it might even fit as something I could supplement with another one or two sides, so I added a small serving of coleslaw and a glass of milk!

The directions were very simple and straight forward. Peel back a corner, nuke on high for 3 minutes 30 seconds, stir and then nuke for another minute. Easy greasy and the kind of TV dinner made for blokes like myself!

TASTE: Surprise! The taste was pretty darn good stuff! A filling meal combined with low calories and which tastes great makes this a sure winner in my book. I plan to buy more in the future! I scored this meal a deal at a healthy 7.5 on a scale of 10!

Update: Sept 2016 - This item was again on sale at only $2! and, as I had some oriental styled left over veggies, I threw them in for good measure with a slice of white bread that had been slathered with butter! The result was all a quick meal could hope to be!

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