Friday, July 11, 2014

We'll be right back!

After years of suffering through ads with William Devane and his gold commercials, I've finally achieved a milestone. I've reached that magic point where I automatically and without thinking, hit the mute button whenever I hear the key words 'right back'! This is done subconsciously now and it's frankly wonderful! and, I'm apparently not alone!

"I don’t think those Rosland Capital commercials starring William Devane are having the desired response. If I have to watch one more TV spot where he’s flying his plane, sitting in his gorgeous home with his massive fireplace, or riding his horse on his expansive ranch, I’m just not sure what I’ll do.

Especially when he says, “Dontcha just love the feel of gold?” Yeah, I’m sure I’d love it way more than the piles of bills on my desk. Hey, William, send some of those gold coins over and I’ll put them in my safe. Keep ‘em safe for ya."

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