Saturday, August 4, 2018

Da Gary Brown Burger. A new idea in hamburgers?

Forsyth, MO. - While cooling myself at a local watering hole, recently, I noticed a man sitting next to me adding a couple of unusual condiments to his hamburger!

That gentleman, by the name of Gary Brown, informed me that he likes to apply liberal amounts of Heinz 57 and prepared horseradish to his hamburger. WTF I thought? He suggested that I might even enjoy such a strange combination.

At first, I had a few doubts, but then remembered that I often love to eat roast beef slathered with generous amounts of the Brassicaceae. When added to a burger with a little Heinz 57 (which is actually a tangy steak sauce), you get a very interesting and 'synergistic' effect that left me with a slightly runny nose! In other words, damn good burger!
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OK! As the nutritional panel at right clearly illustrates, this is a rather hearty meal-a-deal  (especially if you add a side of chips or fries)!

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