Friday, August 24, 2018

Trio Italiano with Hunt's pasta sauce!

There's something about a dish of hot pasta that just seems to yell 'Comfort Food'. That was the case for me, on a late August afternoon, when I sat down to a lunch that included a mix of; Rotini (spiral), Conchiglie (shell) and Penne rigate (rifled) pasta's. An interesting combo that really holds onto the pasta sauce of your choice. In my case that sauce was Hunt's pasta sauce, which is fairly cheap (under a dollar for 24 ounces when on sale), and which is also a great addition from a nutritional standpoint.

 At just 230 calories, this main entree fitted in nicely with my current dietary effort. And yes, those carbs were on the high side, but when viewed in the context of what other foods I ate that day, they were also in line as I ended up at under 100 grams! (Not shown was the nutritional impact of 30 grams of lean hamburger meat that was browned and then thrown in at the last minute). The entire meal, including the meat is shown below;

Note shown were the following ingredients; raw garlic, oregano and a dash of red wine!

Effective planning of meals with an eye to cost versus nutrition is something I feel should be taught as a required course at every High School across the country. Learning how to eat well along with good exercise are two keystones to aiding in the reduction of future health costs for everyone! This whole meal cost me under a dollar, was filling and delicious! Please give it a try!

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