Wednesday, August 8, 2018

PT 2 - Bobby Vee and True Love Waits!

I'd given up on over the air FM and was now trying for an internet streaming channel. Tough work as the powers that be do not want to hear from the likes of me.... Well, that too was a dead end. So, now I face a choice; fade in to the embers of time, or break federal law and broadcast over the airwaves, anyway..... I do hold an FCC Technicians Class license. Like that would matter.... In answer. Yes, most likely I would. Local, State and Federal laws all cite the need for suspension of actions by those who believe that the Nation is in danger. I think that might just apply here...

A representative Republic, like we have all enjoyed, is very hard to maintain. Ask the Founding Fathers. Right now. Right this minute. That fragile structure is under serious attack! 

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