Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Horse-Burger. Has he lost his mind?

OK. I'll save everyone the suspense. I have been adjudged, by a panel of psychiatrists (aka nut doctors), as a 'marginal' individual on the basis of mental stability. That said, I'm still loose out in society, have a spatula and am considered somewhat dangerous only in the kitchen! Disclaimer: No actual horse meat was used in the making of this meal!
My current 'Old Man Styled American Diet' (COMSAD), while not expressly allowing for comfort foods such as hamburgers, did not specifically exclude them either! To that end, I made myself up a very simple burger with just one small twist. I added some horseradish to the duo of ketchup and mustard that I normally apply. I called it a Horse-Burger, as a result. (It's a free speech thing).

So, I had me two Ball Park buns, a hamburger patty, a slice of onion and the aforementioned trio of condiments. Simple. (Much like the cook)! Preparation was a breeze, as I cooked the burger on a 20 year old Joe Foreman grill, that was working better than I was. The whole affair took about ten minutes, start to finish. I also added a dollop of Reser's coleslaw to the plate, right next to the burger and then sat down to dig right in....

RESULTS: In what might be described as 'youthful enthusiasm' (?), I used perhaps a tad too much horseradish! [One good side effect - My sinuses cleared up for the first time in quite a while!]

All that said, the Horse-Burger was pretty darn good and tasty! I do plan to make it again!

The total cost of this meal a deal was just about a buck. Contrast that to an order of a Big Mac with medium fries at close to $8!! Below is a fairly accurate estimate of the nutritional values:

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