Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Thoughts for Jan the 25th, 2011

Goofy Goings-on in Chi Town!

Ah Chicago! Don’t you just love the place? A melting pot of political haberdashery where almost anyone can get elected to an y office as long as they are Democrats that is. Up until this time I thought our buddy Blago would forever hold the crown for exercising stupidity in politics, but I might be wrong.


Rahm Emanuel, for the last three months has thrown everything but the kitchen sink into his bid to become Chicago’s new Mayor. He even gained the endorsement of such legends as Bill Clinton while saturating the airwaves with all sorts of clever campaign advertisements. Now with the polls showing him to be a shoo-in, there has been found a fly in his suppository ointment.

Seems an appellate court has ruled him ineligible to run as he failed to meet residency requirements to run for office. What a total bummer Rahm. Now, the other three mayoral candidates are in a mad scramble to capture all those votes that would have gone to him. Rod Blagojevich would be so proud to find out he’s not the only idiot around. Looks to me like Chico will be the main man now.


Speaking of Blagojevich!

Now with the mayor campaign thing in his rear view mirror, perhaps Rahm will have more time to respond to the warrant for him to appear as a person of interest at the upcoming trail of Rod Blagojevich.


Yes, this perennial circus of a trail will kick back into gear starting on April the 20th. Defense lawyers have said that Emanuel would be of interest to them because they believe he would testify that nothing nefarious took place in his conversations with Blagojevich or his staff in late 2008. Emanuel is not accused of wrongdoing at this point.


What is for sure will be some great file footage for the media outlets as once again Blago, and his oh so perfect hair, will grace TV screens across America. I can also hardly wait as the prosecution attempts to rekindle those fires of outrage in a jury that will (more than likely) care less. Talk about old news! While the trail goes on, I’m sure Blago will show up looking like a movie star every morning, shaking hands and smiling at the cameras as an adoring public follows his every word.


For every day the trail goes on, Americans will also get repeated reminders by the Republicans that he is a dyed in the wool Democrat. Talk about collateral damage!


At any rate, this event will give America some comic relief at a time when it can really use it. Someone please let me know if Fitzgerald will be making another appearance! That man is a true glutton for punishment!

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