Thursday, July 7, 2011

These are certainly the most interesting of times!

“I know you feel these are the worst of times.
I do believe it’s true.
When people lock their doors and hide inside.
Rumor has it, it the end of paradise.”
Styx ‘82

While it may or may not be the end of paradise, the bloom is definitely fading off the rose for many American’s love affair with Barrack Obama, the Democratic Party and their promise of Hope and Change. Under their watch, Congress has become increasingly ineffective at passing meaningful legislation. (Ya think)? So much so, that the President has now begun to look for loopholes as a means of bypassing them altogether. Amendment 14? Come on, you’ve got to be jacking me, Bamer! You, sir, are a loophole!

TSA warns of bomb implants! Really?

 If the topic were not so serious, I’d be laughing my ass off right about now. It seems the TSA (Transportation Security Authority), a group being trained to razor sharp readiness by the AFL-CIO, is now warning air travelers of the possibility that terrorists may attempt to board planes with bombs implanted into body cavities. They go on to say that the most likely repositories for the HE (high explosives) will be men’s colons and women’s breasts.

On a good note, this announcement has got to be a Godsend for any TSA agent whose leanings run to the sexually exotic.

So, Facebook is also now our new phone company!

Golly and gee whiz, everybody. It seems that Skype and Facebook have now figured out a way that we can video each other for free! Oh, I’m sure this will end well.

While the new video chat feature is advertised as free and is not even branded "Skype," it will cost money to dial a regular phone from inside Facebook, just as Skype today charges a few pennies a minute for dialing outside numbers using its regular service. Facebook will likely require users to pay with the internal Facebook currency it calls Credits, bolstering that product's usefulness. OK, so it’s not really free…

Call me old, call me insane, but I have a bad feeling about all our communications services being wedded to the Internet. A resource that will go ‘poof’ a microsecond after a high altitude nuke goes off in the sky over our heads. This would be due to the EMP effect that might degrade just about everything electronic, which is everything we have these days.

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