Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Critique: Banquet’s Chicken Pot Pie

At .92 cents (plus tax) circa 2013, the Chicken Pot Pie from Banquet is still somewhat of a bargain. Amazingly, that’s pretty much what they cost back in 2011 when I did a similar review.

So, here we are in 2013 – and moving ever so rapidly into Obama’s concept of Changing America. (It’s a Progressive thing or so I’m told)! Nothing much has changed these past four years – my friends are mostly still out of work or on some form of entitlement, so we all have to shop around for ‘cheap eats’ we like on a regular basis. Pot pies fill that bill nicely.

One of my favorites is the ubiquitous Chicken pot pie, a product that has been around in one form or another ever since I was a small tike. (When my parents couldn’t afford decent food, they could always shell out a quarter or so for a pot pie). As I remember, we had them quite often back then. Even today, these products from Banquet do go on sale – I just recently picked up a bunch that sold to .59¢! Not bad considering…

Today, the pot pie has come a long ways. They’re ‘nukeable’ now and so don’t require a hot oven to be cooked in. Just 4 to 5 minutes in a microwave does the trick. The smell, however, is unique to this dish and hasn’t changed very much over the years. Heavenly!

On the bad side of the eating coin, pot pies are high in salt and saturated fats (see label) and so I don’t make eating them an everyday thing. Still, for a fast hot meal, on the go, they can’t be beat!

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