Thursday, March 21, 2013

Does the threat of snow cause altered behaviors!

After all the early media coverage of an impending snowfall that was originally publicized by the National Weather service as a ‘snowstorm’ on Tuesday, maybe people in the Forsyth area were perhaps a bit over primed for what was in reality going to be a very minor snowfall. Or, maybe it would be nothing at all…

After arising early, I made my way over to the local Country Mart where breakfast is served from 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM most every day. As I ordered, one of the ladies in the Deli area asked me what I thought. She had one eyebrow arched and was about to add a heaping pile of scrambled eggs to my plate.

I answered, ‘About what?’

‘The weather, of course', she retorted. (It seems my reputation for being a weather nut had preceded me).

I told the lady that I felt whatever snow did mange to fall would more than likely melt once it came into contact with the road surfaces. And, I couldn’t help adding, ‘And, gee lady, are ya scared of two measly inches?’

As those words left my mouth, I had reason to immediately regret it as she gave me a much smaller portion of scrambled eggs than I was used to….Hmm, I thought to myself, maybe sometimes brevity really is bliss.

After eating, I got up and did my shopping. It was just after 8 AM and yes, I wanted to get it done early…just in case we got actually did get a boatload of snow.

As I exited the store, a short time later with a bag of groceries in tow, the sun came out and it turned out to be a fine day after all.

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