Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Random Thoughts for March 13th

“If you’re not catching flak you’re not over the target” 

Are we living in a nation full of retards?

Bang! You're dead...

Are we all now so retarded that we allow the Media to emotionally push us in whatever direction they happen to choose? Take the ‘knives on planes’ debate. To hear the media talk, the TSA and their decision to allow small pocket knives onto planes again is very close to treason. Left leaning outlets like MSNBC and ABC would have you believe that the minute these small pocket knives are allowed back on board, some stewardess is sure to have her neck slashed! Give me a break. In a town next to me, the police recently stage a live shooter scenario at a local school. Even though the odds of such an incident happening are 1 in 143,000!  (I’d wager that kids are much more likely to be hit by some mom or dad who’s talking on a cell phone while driving through in a school zone). People! You need to quite letting these idiots on TV influence logical thinking processes. OK? Now as to the suspension of that young boy who fashioned a ‘gun’ out of a pop tart. Well, hey! That was more than justified.

Obama-Care will destroy the US Economy!

Who is saying such things? Is it those crazy old Republicans? I’m sure they’re still desperately clinging to the hope of saving all those rich Corporations at the expense of the poor and down trodden. Why just the other day, our President assured a scared Nation that everything is looking up! Obama has made it crystal clear that the only thing holding the economy back IS THOSE DAMN REPUBLICANS! Were it not for those insane Right Wingers, this country’s 17 trillion dollar debt would like vanish almost overnight. (And, we can all make sure that happens by voting a straight Democratic ticket in 2014)!

Once both houses are in the hands of the Democrats, our illustrious President can forge ahead with His plans to create a set of vast new entitlement bureaus that will allow his vision of Big Mamma Government or BMG to come to fruition.

Uh, hold one a sec – a friend just informed me that it was not the Republicans who said ObamaCare will wreck the nation; it was a statement issued by the General Accounting Office. Sorry, my bad….

OK, so how long will inflation stay away?

A key concept that underpins the many plans by Senate to deal effectively with the National deficit depends heavily on interest rates remaining low. The mantra in Washington is that as long as that continues; we can all ‘party on dude’.

If, or should I say when, those rates begin to creep upwards, a whole new reality will quickly settle over the land. Consider this. Last year our government forked over $220 billion (that’s 18 billion per month) just to pay the interest on our debt. That’s about $227 out of every taxpayer’s pocket. And, at the current rate of increase in borrowing, our nation will be looking at a staggering yearly figure of 1 trillion in interest payment alone with most of those payments going over to Asia. And, that is at current interest rates. We are in a trap and it’s a fact that as we continue to borrow more and more (above and beyond) what we make, the interest rates will begin to climb higher. And, even modest 1.8 percent increase would have potentially catastrophic consequences for our economy.

America, I sure hope you wake up soon.

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